Dining Connected

TableSolution seamlessly connects different aspects of your restaurant,
bringing you closer to your diners

Take Control of Your Tables

Customize multiple table layouts and control seating flows.
View your table utilization across multiple views to get a real-time glimpse of the business.

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Know Your Customers

Delight your customers by providing personalized experiences and best-in-class hospitality. Maintain detailed guest profiles, their history, and share across outlets. We, at TableSolution, believe in giving you the ownership of your customers' data.

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Accept Deposits to
Prevent No-Shows

Losing sleep over cancellations and no-shows? Prevent guest’s last-minute changes to your revenue. Get authorization or allow your guests to prepay for courses using our secure online payments and e-wallet feature.

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Data Driven Decisions

Using TableSolution's advanced analytics tool, Insight, improve your restaurant efficiency by finding patterns in your reservations and diner experience.

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One-Stop Solution

TableSolution includes reservation & waitlist management, free online booking through website and social media, automated phone booking, cancellation protection, CRM, POS integration and much more.

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