Email Marketing Software

  • Manage your list of customers and prospects and their information
  • Easily create and send email campaigns with rich text formatting, images and links
  • Personalizes each email so emails are addressed as: “Dear Richard” instead of “Dear Friend”
  • Use auto responders to automatically follow up with prospects
  • Send highly targeted emails to specific customers and prospects
  • Integrates with your website to collect leads in minutes
  • Automatically tracks customer behaviour and email statistics

You Need Interspire Email Marketer

  • Web based software application that makes email marketing a breeze.
  • Easy step-by-step email campaign creation. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use Interspire Email Marketer.
  • Built-in auto responders allow automatic email follow ups to your prospects.
  • Insightful campaign tracking and reporting.
  • Send Targeted Emails to Specific Customers and Prospects
  • Full featured. Everything you need to run effective email marketing campaigns

All-In-One Email Marketing Software

Subscriber List Management

Pre-designed email templates

Personalized Emails

Automatic Follow ups

Targeted Emails

Website Integration

Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Interspire Email Marketer Makes Email Marketing a Breeze

Use the step-by-step email creation wizard to create compelling email campaigns in minutes.

Follow up with prospects -- Automatically.

Using auto-responders, you can send emails to your prospects sequentially and automatically.
Write the email once and send it many times -- automatically.

Generate Sales Leads Directly From Your Website

The Smart Choice

Completely Web Based
Easy to use WYSIWYG Editor
Step by Step Easy Email Campaign Creation
Automated Follow Up Emails
Insightful Statistics and Reporting
Add to Your Website in Minutes
Pre-designed Email Templates
CAN-Spam Compliant

Increase Your Revenue With Interspire Email Marketer

Your Business with Interspire Email Marketer

  • Your direct sales increased by up to 50%
  • Increased sales leads
  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Prospects converted to customers automatically
  • Immediate results on marketing campaigns



Argo Smart Routing
Smart Routing Custom Pricing
Tiered Caching  Free for Enterprise customers
Globally load balanced content delivery network (CDN)
Prioritized IP Ranges 
Cloudflare Stream
Cloudflare Stream 
Stream Delivery
Stream Delivery Additional Cost
Load Balancing
Usage Based Pricing  Custom Pricing
Base Fee Includes 2- 100+ origin servers
Frequency of Health Checks Includes health checks every 5 seconds
Number of Health Check Locations Includes health checks from every Cloudflare data center
Global Load Balancing (Geo-Based Routing)  Included with per data center control
Event Logs
Configurable Weighting 
Automatic static content caching
Cache purge Instant
Minimum edge cache expire TTL 30 seconds or less
Client maximum upload size 500+ MB
Railgun™ origin network optimizer
Purge by Cache-Tag
Purge by Host
Custom Cache Keys All
Tiered Caching (See Argo) Free for Enterprise customers
Asynchronous Javascript Loading Rocket Loader™
Image optimization with Polish™
Mobile optimization with Mirage™
Up-to-date Protocols
IPv6 compatibility and gateway
Page rules 100
Header Rewrites
Edge Side Code
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
Accelerated Mobile Links
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