Effortless cybersecurity
for growing businesses

The best security makes life easier, not harder, for overworked IT departments. If your business is growing fast,
or is in the throes of digital transformation, the chances are that resources are continuously overstretched.

Choose an endpoint product that delivers instant protection and is ready to scale when you need it.


Added flexibility… maintaining performance

Lets you choose where to apply mail and web filtering – so you can fine-tune your security at gateway or endpoint level and help maintain the performance of both current and legacy systems.

Seamless Upgrade

Less effort to stay current and upgrade major product versions. Even during migration between versions of Windows, protection remains on at all times. Your security scales easily, without extensive planning required, even in mixed IT environments.

Global Support

Our support services have consistently achieved the highest levels of certification by both the Technology Services Industry Association and Miller Heiman Group. We offer implementation services, plus a wide range of Maintenance & Support Agreements, including 24x7, with priority response.

Advanced Engines

Adaptive Security identifies more threats by proactively looking for suspicious behavior on endpoints and correlating events across multiple security layers. We also protect all HTTP(S) and FTP internet traffic passing through endpoints and application servers.


Achieve more… with less effort

Our award-winning security is quick to identify and block threats - and it starts fast, using a range of preconfigured security scenarios so you can rapidly deploy world-class protection.
Cut complexity and your total cost of ownership (TCO)
Because all our core security technologies are fully integrated – as part of a single agent – you won’t have to increase your TCO or work around time-consuming management tasks and support escalations with multiple vendors.
Combined performance & multi-layered protection
Security shouldn’t slow you down. To maintain user productivity and minimize disruption, you need minimal impact on system performance. If you’re attacked, our Remediation Engine will help to reverse any damage caused.


Mitigate risk by blocking threats earlier

By applying protection at mail and web gateway levels, you can stop threats reaching their endpoint targets, greatly reducing your risk as well as securing legacy nodes that may lack protection.
Tests & reviews show how we measure up

Don’t just take our word for it - our product has participated in more independent tests and reviews and achieved more first places than any other security vendor. See our results.
Boost protection - and save time on administration
Our automated Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management uses real-time intelligence about exploits to help it apply the latest security patches for a wide range of common applications.





Endpoint Security for Business


Endpoint Security for Business


Security for Business

Defense for PC, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
Defense for application and terminal servers  
Defense for web gateways and email servers    
Mobile Threat Defense
Application, Web & Device Controls for PCs
Behavior Detection, Remediation Engine
Vulnerability Assessment & Exploit Prevention
Environment variable permissions and HIPS
AMSI, Microsoft Active Directory, Syslog, RMM, PSA, EMM integration
Kaspersky Sandbox and Kaspersky EDR Optimum integration
Web, Email threat protections and controls for servers  
Adaptive Anomaly Control and Patch Management  
Encryption and OS-built-in encryption management  
Advanced SIEM integration, OS & third-party software installation