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Zoho CRM - Standard

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Drive sales with effective lead management.

Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and nurturing.
From lead generation to scoring to conversion, Zoho CRM ensures proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales funnel.


Distribute leads automatically.

Pre-defined workflow rules let you assign leads to sales reps based on geography, product, or department. You can also use round robin queues to route leads equally and optimize follow-ups.

Convert leads to deals.

When leads are willing to buy your product or service, turn them into deals with just a click. While converting, also create follow-up tasks.


Cash in on all opportunities.

Great sales management is all about prioritizing, tracking, and monitoring the deals in your pipeline.
Zoho CRM gives you everything you need to manage deals across territories and sales structures.

See a snapshot view of deals.

Having a close eye on your deals is easier when you can see the deal stage as well as the numbers associated with it in a single screen. Know how much of your expected revenue is near closing, and which deals need immediate action.

Deal stage at a glance.

View what stage a deal is in without any scrolling. You can also update the deal's stage from the same place. Say you are on a call with a prospect and the deal stage moves from needs analysis to value proposition; you can update it then and there.

Track sales performance.

Break down forecasts by salesperson, team, and territory to gain insights about your team's performance. Make better forecasts by accounting for completed sales, current targets, deals about to be closed and shortages in the sales pipeline.

Accurate insights through dashboards.

Visualize targets and achievements by territory through reports and dashboards. Compare sales from the current quarter with the previous one, and set more realistic targets for the future.



Dashboards provide a snapshot view of your key business data for quick and easy data analysis / visualization.
Zoho Reports offers a powerful dashboard creator with drag-and-drop based designer, flexible layout options, support for widgets, formatted text, URL links, images etc.


Easy document collaboration.
Better productivity.


A central library for all your sales documents.

When you spend too much time searching for your sales collateral, you lose productivity.
With the Zoho CRM document library, access all your collateral in a central location, and create folders and sub-folders for quicker reference.
Stop looking for files and start closing more deals.



Lead. Score. Convert.

Dealing with a large number of leads every day makes it difficult to determine which are the right ones to focus on.
Scoring rules in Zoho CRM lets you prioritize your leads with positive and negative scoring to ensure faster conversions.


Give the right attention to the right leads.

Define rules to make your scoring more effective. Set them individually, or make a combination.
If leads from a particular industry are where you want to direct your attention, or if trade shows are a promising avenue for your business, assign a higher score to those leads.