CommuniGate Pro - Single Servers 150 users

CommuniGate Pro

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The main CommuniGate Pro subsystems include:

  • Identity Management
  • Multi-Domain architecture (field-proven for over 120,000 domains per system), with multihoming and shared-IP configurations.
  • Account concept, including Mailbox Storage, File Storage, Account Settings, and Account Information databases.
  • Groups, Forwarders, Aliases, and other Domain Objects.
  • Meta-Directory with Local and Remote Units.
  • LDAP access to Directory and Account databases.
  • External Authentication mechanism for integration with 3rd party solutions.
  • RADIUS services.
  • Billing system with multiple per-Account Balances and reservations.

Storage Management

  • Mailbox Storage with multiple Mailboxes, Shared access, ACLs.
  • Mailbox formats - text files, file folders, other data containers.
  • File Storage with public and private folders, virtual files.
  • Groupware Information storage and processing using the iCalendar and vCard standards.

Mail Transfer

  • Unified Message Queue processing.
  • ESMTP and LMTP mail exchange services.
  • Anti-Spam and other protection mechanisms.
  • Plugin Interface for high performance virus, spam, and content filtering.
  • Automated Mail Processing Rules.
  • Mailing List manager with automatic bounce processing and a Web interface to list archives.
  • Remote Account Polling using the POP3 protocol.
  • External Program Delivery for custom applications.
  • Automated Invitation processing for shared resource scheduling.

Real-Time Signaling

  • Unified Signal processing.
  • XIMSS protocol for Instant Messaging, Presence, audio and video communications.
  • SIP protocol for Instant Messaging, Presence, audio and video communications, desktop sharing and real-time collaboration.
  • XMPP protocol for Instant Messaging and Presence.
  • SMPP protocol for Instant Messaging via SMS.
  • NAT Traversal mechanisms (near-end and far-end) for XIMSS, SIP, RTP, and TCP-based media protocols.
  • Registrar, forking Proxy, and Presence server functionality.
  • Automated Signal Processing Rules.
  • Event packages for presence, message-waiting, registration, dialogs, and other services.
  • STUN server for client-side NAT Traversal solutions.
  • Parlay X Interface.

Real-Time Application Environment

  • Domain-specific application environments.
  • Media Server component for call termination and conferencing with the built-in NAT traversal and encryption support.
  • CG/PL language for quick and robust application design.
  • Built-in operations for call control, bridging, and multi-party conferencing.
  • Integrated Access to Message and File stores.

Data Access Services

  • Multi-protocol, multi-client simultaneous access to all Account data.
  • POP3 and IMAP4 mail client access.
  • MAPI interface for Microsoft® Windows clients (Outlook and other MAPI-enabled applications).
  • WebUser Interface to Mailbox, Groupware and File Stores, to Settings and Information databases, to the Signaling and Message Transfer facilities.
  • Multi-lingual Skins for customizable HTML, WAP/WML, and I-Mode Interfaces.
  • XIMSS interface providing access to Mailbox, Groupware and File Stores, to Settings and Information databases, to the Signaling and Message Transfer facilities.
  • HTTP, WebDAV, FTP, and TFTP access to Account File Stores.
  • AirSync interface to E-mail and Groupware data for Microsoft® Windows Mobile clients (server-based ActiveSync).
  • CalDAV interface to Calendar and Tasks Mailboxes.
  • Publish/Subscribe (WebCal/iCal) HTTP-based operations with Calendar and Tasks mailboxes.
  • CardDAV interface to Contacts Mailboxes.
  • ACAP access to the Account Information database.

Advanced Security

  • SASL Secure Authentication methods.
  • GSSAPI (including Kerberos V5) authentication, SSO (single sign-on), and security.
  • Client Certificate-based Secure Authentication methods.
  • Secure Mail (S/MIME) WebMail implementation (encryption/decryption, digital signing, signature verification).
  • Automatic Encryption implementing secure information storage.
  • SSL/TLS Secure Transfer for SMTP, SIP, IMAP, POP, HTTP, LDAP, ACAP, PWD and Administration sessions.
  • Lawful Interception functionality.

Multi-tier Administration

  • WebAdmin interface for administration, provisioning, and monitoring.
  • CLI/API interface for administration, provisioning, and monitoring.
  • SNMP Agent for remote monitoring.
  • Triggers for proactive monitoring.
  • Poppwd protocol for remote password modification.
  • LDAP-based Provisioning (optional) for integration with legacy systems.
  • BSD syslog Server to consolidate log records from third-party components.

Multi-Server Operation

  • Distributed Domains for Distributed multiple single-Server configurations.
  • Static Clusters for Multi-Server Account partitioning.
  • Dynamic Clusters for advanced scalability without Account partitioning. Carrier-grade 99.999%-uptime, field-proven for more than 5,000,000 real active Accounts.
  • Cluster of Clusters for extra-large sites (over 10,000,000 active Accounts).