ActiveXperts Network Component Standard License

ActiveXperts Network Component Standard License

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Easy to use development component for Windows featuring DNS, FTP(s), HTTP(s), ICMP, SCP, SFTP, VMware and more. Samples included for Visual Studio .NET, C++, VBScript, Powershell and more.

ActiveXperts Network Component

ActiveXperts Network Component is a Network Communication component for Windows developers.
  • Easy to use API
  • Supporting IPv4 and IPv6
  • Supporting all common TCP and UDP protocols
  • Single DLL, 64-bit and 32-bit
  • Samples available in C#, VB, ASP.NET, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Delphi and more


With ActiveXperts Network Component, you can use the following objects:
  • Dns - Query servers running a domain name service (DNS). 
  • Ftp(s) - Read web pages, analyze content. Supports HTTP-Post, proxies, SSL and more.
  • Http(s) - Read web pages, analyze content. Supports HTTP-Post, proxies, SSL and more. 
  • Icmp - See if you can reach another computer and determine how long it takes. 
  • IPtoCountry - Translates IP addresses to countries. Use it for web log analysis, marketing purposes, etc. 
  • Ntp - Query NTP time servers and retrieve the actual date and time. 
  • Radius - Networking protocol to provide centralized authentication and authorization management. 
  • Rsh - Run commands or scripts on a remote UNIX or LINUX computer through RSH. 
  • Scp - Securely transfer files between two computers using the SSH (Secure SHell) protocol. 
  • Sftp - Allows secure network file transfer over an insecure network, such as the Internet. 
  • Snmp - Use SNMP operations Get, GetNext, Set and Trap; supports SNMP v1 and SNMP v2c. 
  • Snmp Trap - Send/receive SNMP traps to/from SNMP agents (v1, v2c) in the network. 
  • Snmp MIB - Load a MIB database into memory and iterate over all objects and view all properties. 
  • Ssh - Run commands or scripts on LINUX computer in a secure way using SSH. 
  • Tcp - Write your own TCP-based client/server applications or Telnet application. 
  • Tftp - Get/put files from/to a remote TFTP host. 
  • TraceRoute - Tracks the route packets taken from an IP network on their way to a given host. 
  • Udp - Create your UDP-based client/server applications; create UDP-based broadcast application. 
  • VERDE - Get performance data from a NIMBOXX Verde VDI host and its gold images. 
  • VMware - Get performance data from a VMware host and its virtual machines. 
  • Wake-On-LAN - Wake up (power-up) machines on your LAN, based on their MAC address. 
  • Xen -Get performance data from a Citrix Xen host and its virtual machines. 

Supported Operating Systems

ActiveXperts Network Component runs on all major Windows platforms. The component is just one DLL: AxNetwork64.dll. For 32-bit platforms, AxNetwork32.dll is also included.

The component runs on the following Windows operating systems:
  • Server platforms: Windows 2019, Windows 2016, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 2012, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2008, Windows 2003
  • Desktop platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP