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Zoho CRM - Professional

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Email Integrated With CRM

Centralize all your information Associate the Emails with leads,
contacts and potentials Share Email correspondence with other users Combine multiple Email accounts.



Don't let emails fall through the cracks.

For a salesperson, emails are often a grey area, with no clear data on their effectiveness.
There can be no room for guess work when you're sending hundreds of emails to leads, prospects, and contacts everyday.
Track the sent emails and get insightful reports on whether they've been delivered, opened, and read.

Get instant notifications.

Even when you're working on the move, you still need to know if any of your prospects have responded to your latest messages.
Get immediate alerts from deals and contacts that are most relevant to you.
Reply instantly to emails, add follow-ups, and make notes when needed.

Compatible with your favorite email system.

Send and receive emails from all email clients of your choice, including Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook,
and Zoho Mail, so that you never miss a message. Use the standard email configuration to link all incoming emails to your CRM.

Selling is social. Your CRM should be, too.

Combine the power of social media into your selling process so you can build better, stronger relationships, and close deals faster.


Focus on the people and conversations that matter.

Your Social Tab dashboard allows you to focus on the social media conversations important to your business. The Social Tab automatically segments and notifies you of posts from your leads, prospects, and customers.

Discover prospects and leads.

Stay tuned to what people are saying about you or your competitors through keyword tracking. Participate in conversations and generate leads directly from social media.

Bring social cues into your sales interactions.

Listen to live updates from your prospects to understand what matters and find the right time to get in touch. Bringing social context into your sales interactions helps you nurture your relationships with your prospects and close deals faster.

Zoho CRM and Google Apps for Work. Better together.


One million users and counting...

Zoho CRM's integration with Google Apps makes it easier for your business to collaborate, communicate, and share information.
Sync contacts between your CRM and Google accounts, manage your customer emails right inside your CRM, share files on Google Docs, and organize your events —all in one place.

Focus on the right keywords.

Zoho CRM combines sales data with AdWords spending so you can figure out which keywords bring in the most qualified leads.
Spend your advertising dollars where they count most, and get a better return on your investment by targeting your best leads.

Let your CRM follow up for you.

When converting a single lead into a deal, factors like what actions need to be taken and when play a big role in closing. When a lead comes into your CRM, you send a series of emails via drip campaigns to qualify them. Doing this manually hundreds of times over means you lose valuable time. With scheduled actions, you can automate drip emails, set up tasks to nurture potential customers, and follow up with every lead until they are qualified. You can set actions to occur instantly as well.

Never miss a due date.

Set time-based actions to remind yourself about subscription renewals or upcoming payments. Make your customers feel special by sending birthday wishes or personalized holiday greetings from your CRM.

Put the right leads in the right hands.

Imported leads, web form leads, and trade show leads - each source require different levels of nurturing. Want to make it easier to assign them to the appropriate sales reps? Auto-assign all the hot web form leads to your team's best closer, or the cold-call leads to your champion persuader.