VMware Horizon 7 Standard: 10 Pack (CCU) (1 Year Production Support)

VMware Horizon 7 Standard: 10 Pack (CCU) (1 Year Production Support)

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Make the Move Today

VMware Horizon (on-premises) is available in the following editions:

• Horizon 7 Standard – Simple, powerful VDI with a great user experience
• Horizon 7 Advanced – Cost-effective delivery of desktops and applications through a unified workspace
• Horizon 7 Enterprise – Desktops and applications delivered through a unified workspace with just-in-time management 
• Horizon Apps Standard – Simple, powerful app virtualization with a great user experience
• Horizon Apps Advanced – Powerful app virtualization with just-in-time management

Why Consider Horizon 7?

Horizon 7 is a complete solution that delivers, manages, and protects virtual desktops, RDSH-published desktops, and applications across devices and locations. From provisioning to management and monitoring, Horizon 7 offers an integrated stack of enterprise-class technologies that can deploy hundreds of customized desktops and RDSH servers in a few minutes from centralized single images.

Horizon 7 can be integrated with Workspace ONE through VMware Workspace ONE® Access (formerly VMware Identity Manager) either on-premises or as part of the Workspace ONE service. Workspace ONE Access is provided with Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition or Workspace ONE when purchased. 

What Are the Key Capabilities / Features of Horizon 7?

  • Deliver applications and desktops automatically and in real-time.
  • Simplify management and maintenance tasks. 
  • Keep sensitive data safe and enforce endpoint compliance.
  • Give end users a rich, personalized experience from any device and any location.
  • Give your users a desktop that can never die. 

Build a Digital Foundation with VMware : App Modernization

Ensure the success of the hundreds or thousands of applications—both existing monoliths and new cloud-native microservices—that power your digital business.

Speed up the process you use to build, run, and manage all your applications across any cloud.


A Complete Cloud Ecosystem

VMware brings together hybrid cloud and native public cloud into a single, comprehensive solution. Our cloud infrastructure is one of the most proven, most widely deployed portfolios on the planet, powering over 500,000 customers globally.