ViewletBuilder Professional 5 Seats

ViewletBuilder Professional 5 Seats

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ViewletBuilder8 is here!

Now its even easier, faster and more fun to produce effective, professional looking presentations! The process is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Capture

ViewletBuilder’s patented screen recording process automatically captures ONLY the critical graphic layer updates on your screen as well as any cursor position changes in order to replicate the flow of your application in a slide by slide editing environment. This allows you to create professional interactive training demos and simulations that exactly mirror the way your product or web site works without the hassle of editing large video files that require a higher bandwidth. If you prefer recording your screen and audio narration LIVE or your application requires it, we support this as well using our new Live Capture option!

2. Edit and Enhance

Instead of spending time on the technical aspects of creation, now you can spend more time being creative by using callouts, notes, arrows, animated highlights, zoom areas, transitions, interactivity and audio narration (to name a few). You can add video files and have various actions associated to events making your output more engaging.

3. Publish and Share

Publish your completed presentations in several popular ways. You can post them directly to YouTube or Facebook to improve your social media presence on the web or create video output for easy uploading to other sites, devices, etc. Our MP4 output is still the best format for playback on the iPad/iPhone or any current browser utilizing HTML5 video tags. The most popular format for interactivity is SWF, which is a secure Flash file that can be delivered over the Internet or packaged as executable files to be sent vial email, uploaded to an LMS, or burned on CDs. ViewletBuilder8 supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004 to meet all of your eLearning reporting requirements too. Better yet, publish to ViewletCentral with one click and get a URL to share your content with friends or colleges in minutes! ViewletCentral will host your presentations and provide real time statistics on your Viewlet usage/Assessments/etc.


  Live Capture / Screen Recorder
Capture anything on your screen with Live Capture. A new mode that captures your desktop and audio narration in real-time. We've married what you love about Smart Capture with the speed of Video Capture to allow you to create compelling content quickly and easily.
  Video Output
Along with SWF you can now publish your Viewlets to Flash Video (FLV) and MP4 (H.264). Video output gives you greater flexibility in distributing your Viewlets such as converting to other video formats or uploading to YouTube, Facebook, etc. MP4 is the best format for playback on the iPad/iPhone..

  Embedded FLV Movie Support
We now support both SWF and FLV embedded videos and Flash animations.
  Publish to YouTube
Publishing your Viewlets directly to YouTube is the quickest and easiest way to reach a mass audience.

  Zooming and Panning
Our new Zoom Zone tool allows you to zoom or pan to draw the users attention to areas you want to emphasize.
Highlights, Mattes and Arrows
Three great ways to add emphasis to your project.

  Cascading Stylesheets
Create any number of custom styles and apply them in a much more flexible manner.

  Cool New ViewletSkins
The Qarbon and Qista ViewletSkins have a fresh new look and are fully customizable.

  Improved Printing
New Page Layout Options for Printing and Export to Word / PDF. The Question Summary Layout option is great for turning your Viewlets into offline assessments.

  Improved Publishing
Redesigned to make it easy to output to SWF, FLV, ViewletCentral, PDF, Word, HTML, Images, CD, SCORM, AICC, FTP or your own custom locations.

  New File Format
Big performance gains in opening and saving your projects in this new XML based format.

  Other Features
Drop Shadows, Rotate Objects, Multi-Line Buttons, Color Picker, Animated Mouse Clicks, Slide Splitting, Project Validation.
  Smart Capture with Automatic Annotations
No hotkey needed! Screenshots will automatically be taken whenever changes are detected and annotations will be added describing actions.

  Resize Project
One of the most useful tools when you want to change the output size of your project, or merge two projects together that have different dimensions!
  Crop Project
A new crop project feature has been added that allows an entire project to be cropped!
  Timing Links
Timing Links have now been added to help maintain the timing between elements which will speed up authoring time!
  Zoom feature
Zoom feature added to Slide View. Zoom to fit or zoom in/out with 8 different zoom levels.
  Easy to use icons
Easy to use icons have been added to drop down menus.
  Alignment tools
Alignment tools to ensure correct placement of a single object.
  Sound icons
Enhanced sound icons.
  Slide background and Animations
Slide background and Animations have been combined into a single concept to make it easier to understand and to allow for editing of animation frames.
  Style sheets
Save valuable time and create your own style. Predetermine every element of your project - the color, the font, and font size for balloons and/notes and apply them to entire projects or individual slides!

  Format Painter
Quickly copy styles from one object and, with one click, apply that format to any text object throughout your project.
  Search and Replace
You no longer have to search slide by slide. Do it in one quick swoop! Search and replace a word or phrase within your entire project!


  Sound Functionality
Import MP3 files and/or add a background soundtrack to your Viewlet. With ViewletBuilder6 you can now associate sounds to objects — not just the slide!
  Timeline View
New advanced timeline allows you to control the timing of every slide with a zoom feature that lets you get 100% accuracy.

  Rollover Areas
Add Rollover areas that when triggered can display another object. Great way to display hints and/or definitions.
  Customizable Buttons
Want to add navigation or have a variety of actions on a slide? It’s easy now. Insert customizable buttons to your project and associate various actions to each one.

  Events and Actions
Multiple actions like Play Viewlet, Play Sound or Play events like Onclick, OnRollover and Rollout.

  Import SWF & FLV Files
Add animations or movies to any of your slides. You can now Embed and playback SWF or FLV on a slide or assign it as an action to an event.
Creative ViewletSkins
New ViewletSkins now come with the option of having a table of contents and status bar. Choose from a variety of styles — you’re sure to find one that suits you!